Tri Acne

Tri Acne

Tri Acne was developed specifically for active acne and aims to significantly treat moderate to severe active acne as well as acne scarring. This protocol works by targeting the suppression of the overactive oil producing glands (sebaceous glands) under the skin which cause active acne. The treatment uses colorblind technology and is safe for all skin types.

Key Benefits:

  • Noticeable improvement of acne after one treatment
  • Radiofrequency waves may damage the oil producing glands that cause acne.
  • Simultaneous collagen stimulation which may improve acne scarring.
  • Long term result for active acne may be permanent after a few treatments.
  • Safe in all skin types including Asian and dark skin, compared to laser.

Which Acne Conditions Can Be Treated?

  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Cystic Acne
  • Acne Mechanica

Tri Acne combines RFF Micro needling, RFF Resurfacing Technology which delivers heat to destroy the sebaceous glands, as well as stimulate collagen production which may lead to significant long term improvements in active acne.

Sebaceous glands secrete pore-clogging sebum that contributes to pimples and blackheads. Tri Acne reduces sebum production by damaging these glands, reducing acne and breakouts.


The RFF Micro needling technology works within the dermis by creating channels in the skin with ultra thick needles to penetrate the deep dermal layer smoothly.  The combined effect of the thermal energy and the simultaneous micro wounds caused in the skin stimulates fibroblasts to increase production of ECM (extracellular matrix) components like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

The RFF Resurfacing technology emits brief pulses of electrical currents through cone-shaped electrodes that slide into the epidermis to form pinhead-sized spots. This creates micro-wounds which trigger the body’s natural healing mechanism and prompts the production of new, healthy, and younger-looking skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

The Tri Acne Procedure generates heat by the RFF Microneedling and Resurfacing, in turn destroying microscopic sections of scarred skin. Fractionate profile of the RF is important due to the ability to leave healthy cells in between the grid of damaged cells. The fractionated ablation zone vaporises the build up of keratinised cell debris that accumulates in the follicle and helps to clear/ decongest the area. The thermal injury zone also affects the sebaceous glands, therefore reducing/controlling sebum production. The combination of heat and our acne medical compound effectively destroys p.acne bacteria and infection.

Other procedures are often painful due to the mechanical insertion of electrodes. By contrast, our treatment protocol utilizes RF energy together with the penetration of the electrodes, resulting in an almost painless skin resurfacing procedure.

Immediately following the treatment, a sterile sonicated compound specifically developed to reduce the growth of Propionibacterium acnes by 99.9% is applied.  This compound also has a strong seboregulating and anti bacterial action, as well as aides to calm and sooth irritated skin by inhibiting the immune response.


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