Our Story

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A dedication of inspiration to female entrepreneurs

In May 1986, you were two fearless, female entrepreneurs who established one of Edmonton’s first day spas. You forged a path many of us aspire to.

For over 30 years through the renown training you provided, your business produced some of the best aestheticians the industry had to offer – and everyone knew it!

Your passion and commitment to each and every one of us formed your legacy on 104 Ave, and in 2002, a second location in St. Albert. For a long time, St. Albert was my home and this was my family.

To start, it was just two twenty-something girls determined to be the best, and with your guidance – we were. For a little while, I was also a part of the 104 Ave team as well. 

For all of us who have walked through your doors over the years, you were always there – through every laugh, every tear, and every broken nail.

Your passion and dedication shone through in all of us, in treatments and results clients received, and in the knowledge and skill of all the aestheticians that you trained, including me.

After almost 15 years, I have decided that it’s time to follow my feet home and share my gifts and passion once again, returning to a life that truly makes me happy.

There is no thank you or gesture that would ever be enough to show my appreciation and gratitude for all you have done and the life skills you both have given me, each in your own very different way.

So, to my mentors, my trusted advisers, sometimes even my reluctant mothers, and most of all – my faithful friends, on behalf of all of us whose lives you have touched, I am going home. And in your honor, its name is dedicated to you.

Your legacy will live on, and we will always keep you in focus. 

See you in St. Albert


Divine & Free