Our Commitment

Mission & Culture

Divine & Free is a day spa that was built in commemoration of women entrepreneurs. With a deep rooted belief of offering our clients service and facility excellence, our professional aestheticians are licensed and receive regular training and upgrading to ensure we are able to exceed industry standards. We are leaders in alternative holistic care and sanitation standards. Ergonomically engineered and designed for spatial flow, support, and efficiency, our space allows our clients to relax in our care and our aestheticians to maintain proper posture and body mechanics during treatments.

Client Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is that we will elevate the industry standards so they can expect exceptional care and quality from our spa, partners, and our employees alike. We are committed to maintaining affordable pricing to ensure our treatment and services are accessible to our clients.

Environmental Commitment

We are strongly committed to protecting our environment. Our partners and suppliers are rigorously reviewed for their ability to offer products that safeguard the environment, are cruelty free, and reduce their carbon footprint through their ethical sourcing, processing and packaging practices. We invest in high quality implements and techniques to reduce wastage and depreciation as well as eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.

Employee Commitment

We believe our employees are our most valuable assets and are the faces who set us apart from the rest of the industry. Our integral belief and commitment is to invest in our employees in a multi-faceted approach through providing opportunities, growth, training and stability.