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Divine & Free is a wellness and medical spa located in the heart of the Perron District in beautiful St. Albert.

At Divine & Free, our boutique luxury experience is designed with our clients in mind. We strive to deliver a unique experience that is customized to you.

We have invested in the latest advancements in medical spa technology, are consistent and thorough in training, and offer unparalleled customer service.

Our treatments are both effective and comfortable, allowing you to feel confident in your skincare journey. Our experts work with each client to achieve your skin goals and maintain optimal skin health.

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Our Commitment

Divine & Free is committed to elevating the industry standard through extensive training, and the latest advances in medical spa technology, with much of our work published on an international scale.

We strive to provide clients with unique and custom-tailored treatment plans utilizing our multiple modalities. Every client deserves to be well-informed as to which options and treatments can provide optimal results to reach their skincare goals.

Whether you’re looking to simply relax or find transformative results, Divine & Free is committed to providing an unforgettable wellness and medical spa experience every time.

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At Divine & Free Wellness & Medical Spa, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a truly bespoke boutique experience.